Amit Jain’s project for diabetic foot care – the largest independent diabetic foot project in India

There are various novel projects on the diabetic foot in different parts of the world. The basic aim of all these projects is to educate and raise awareness of the diabetic foot so that there is a reduction in amputations in respective zones. Most of these projects are funded. This article discusses the new Amit Jain’s project for the diabetic foot, which is currently a self-funded project. It is the largest independent project in India and is based on one man’s vision and mission to improve diabetic foot care. One of the aims of this project is to disseminate the diabetic foot knowledge through Amit Jain’s classification system, which is gaining popularity in different parts of the world including the Middle East in view of its simplicity and practicality.


  • Amit Kumar C Jain

    Diabetic Lower Limb and Podiatric Surgeon, St Johns Medical College, Bangalore, India