The Gulf Diabetic Foot Working Group – how far have we come?

With the increasing incidence of diabetes mellitus in the Arab world, diabetic foot complications have become a leading cause for lower leg amputation. Adding to the problem is an apparent lack of clinical expertise in diabetic foot care. This is why, a few years ago, the Gulf Diabetic Foot Working Group (GDFWG) was formed. It includes clinical representatives from different territories within the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It is with enormous pleasure and pride that I am able to disclose that the GDFWG is now one of the largest expert groups in the field of diabetic foot disease. It is well known on international forums for its variety of initiatives with regards to the management and prevention of diabetic foot ulceration. Activities of the GDFWG include an annual conference, which takes place in different parts of the Middle East, and a comprehensive Advanced Diabetic Foot Course (also known as the Global Diabetic Foot Course) in Dubai for participants who want to develop a deeper understanding of best diabetic foot practice. It also delivers continuing medical education to healthcare professionals under the GDFWG banner.