Guide for reviewers

The following information may be helpful when reviewing articles for the DIABETIC FOOT JOURNAL MIDDLE EAST (DFJME).

In reviewing articles, the reviewer is informing and advising the editors who will make the final decision regarding publication.
The reviewers’ comments will normally be passed on (anonymously) to the author. For this reason, it is important to give detailed comments that will help both the editor to decide on the suitability of the article for publication and the author to develop and improve his/her work/research.

As a reviewer you can recommend that the editor accept or reject the article or can suggest revisions that might make the article suitable for publication. Finally, your feedback and comments are greatly valued on all articles as this is one of the most important factors in maintaining editorial quality and integrity.

 Reviewer’s checklist:

  • Is the article suitable for the journal’s readership?
  • Is the title relevant/accurate?
  • Does the article have a sound theoretical, research, or philosophical base?
  • Is the article well organized and logically developed?
  • Are the graphs/tables/statistics adequate and appropriate? Are they labeled correctly?
  • Are the interpretations and conclusions justified from the data?
  • Does the abstract accurately reflect the content of the article?
  • Is there any evidence of plagiarism?

Give the main reasons for this decision, including any major concerns.

Indicate the specific areas of the article that require improvement/alteration in a constructive manner. Give some indication of strengths/weaknesses and how the article could be improved.

Standard turn around times for reviews are 2 weeks. Please let me know immediately if you will not be able to do reviews in the time given so that we can pass to an alternative reviewer. 

If you would like to be a reviewer for the journal, or for more detailed guidance regarding the peer-review process, please email.

Thank you!

Edda Hendry, Managing Editor, Wounds UK